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  • Got Moss?

    Got Moss?

    GOT MOSS? A common misconception of moss is that it kills your grass.  Moss actually moves in because the roots of your grass are dying or unhealthy.  It grows on top of soil that is compacted and/or moist, under some amount of shade.  Soil pH also is a factor.  The best way to control moss […]

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  • Spring Garden Guide

    Spring Garden Guide

    As spring gets underway and there are more warm days than cool days but before the last risk of frost has passed, there are still spring gardening tasks that can be attended to, including…

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  • Cape Cod Plant Doctor

    Cape Cod Plant Doctor

          Agway of Cape Cod is excited to announce a partnership with Cape Cod Plant Doctor.  This new service offers professional solutions to keep your yard and plants healthy. We realize that many of our consumer products are not the ideal solution for some customers. Sometimes customers have a larger issue than our […]

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