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  • Buying and Storing Feed in the Summer

    Buying and Storing Feed in the Summer

        “How do I know if my feed is fresh?” This is particularly true in summer when the heat and humidity can be hard on stored feed. Generally, it would take 6 to 9 months for degradable ingredients like vitamins to diminish below guarantees, but for best quality, feed should be used before that time. For optimum freshness […]

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  • Guide to Growing Organic Tomatoes

    Guide to Growing Organic Tomatoes

    If there’s one vegetable that needs to be in your organic garden, it’s tomatoes! Juicy, red tomatoes are the taste of summer. In a salad, drizzled with olive oil, sliced with fresh mozzarella or even eaten like an apple, homegrown tomatoes make every summer meal taste better. Like all homegrown food, they’re picked when they’re […]

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  • How to plant colorful flowering shrubs

    How to plant colorful flowering shrubs

      A yard without shrubs is like a completed puzzle, minus one piece. The look is almost perfect, but something is missing! Shrubs work wonders — especially ones with bold, colorful flowers. These easy to care for plants instantly fill in gaps in your garden landscape and look fabulous every season. Complete your garden by […]

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