Four steps for seeding bare spots in your lawn

Four steps for seeding bare spots in your lawn


Sometimes lawns can have bare spots and unfortunately toupees aren’t intended for that purpose too. Here are the steps you need to take to re-seed those areas to get your lawn looking like new again:

1) Dig in
For the grass to take hold, it first needs a place to stick. That means that you will have to dig a little bit into the area where you plan to seed. Use a steel rake to work the soil to about an inch down in the ground so you can have a loose surface to operate with.

2) Applying seed and fertilizer
Depending on how big your area is you can either apply the seed by hand or use a spreader if the area is larger. After you have done that, put some starter fertilizer on top of the seeds. This will help them take hold and grow stronger much quicker.

3) Frequent watering
The trick is to water a lot but not too much. You should give the area water everyday but only enough to keep it moist. Over-saturating the area will not help it grow any faster. If it is kept moist, that will create the ideal growing conditions.

4) When to mow
When the grass reaches the inch and a half mark, you can start mowing that area. However, always make sure that when you mow it the grass is dry and your blades are sharp. If you mow when it’s wet, you can ruin the seedlings that are sprouting up. As you keep mowing, the grass will get stronger.


Outdoor Activities to Enjoy With Your Pet

Outdoor Activities to Enjoy With Your Pet

Regular exercise is one of the main pre-requisites for health, longevity, and happiness for humans and house pets alike. There are boundless opportunities to enjoy quality time with your furry friend in the great outdoors while maximizing the accompanied health benefits. Partaking in outdoorsy activities with your pets will also keep them happy, relaxed, and most importantly, obedient. The runner’s high phenomenon – the calm, positive feeling experienced after prolonged exercise – is not exclusive to humans. The same neurochemical, serotonin, is released in dogs and other mammals following aerobic exercise. This natural chemical burst will keep your pets well behaved and entertained during the day and soundly asleep at night. Following these simple suggestions will keep you and your dog happy, healthy, and thirsting for adventure.

Start off slow when hitting the outdoors with your dog. A simple game of fetch with a doggy toy or stick for a half an hour in the backyard or park will suffice for a puppy or untrained dog. Move around with your dog and make it a mutual activity so that your dog stays entertained and you stay invested in the activity. A little enthusiasm will go a long way with your pup. If you’re unable to be mobile with your dog, schedule a trip to a local doggy park. Although this may be a small feat in human world, the doggy park is the penultimate venue for dogs, and the epicenter of doggy excitement. Simply spectating your dog interact with other dogs will be utterly enjoyable as a bystander. Before setting out to the dog park, make sure that you strictly follow the necessary etiquette. Firstly, make sure that your dog is well behaved enough to be around plenty of other excited and eager pups. Take caution in bringing a dog with anxiety or other social issues that would prevent positive encounters with other dogs. Moreover, make sure that your dog is up to date on vaccinations just in case an altercation occurs with another dog. Err on the side of caution here since you can’t control how other dogs may act within the doggy park. You can always find another park or green space if you’re worried that other dogs are simply being too aggressive. Finally, clean up all of your dog’s messes and dispose of them properly.

Your outdoor excursions with your pup don’t have to be confined to your neighborhood and local dog parks, however. Hiking is a fantastic way to explore scenic areas and simultaneously share some great exercise with your pup. Keep your dog on a leash at all times, especially in wilderness areas where a wild animal could provoke some unwanted excitement. Make sure to bring extra water and treats for your dog and take breaks when necessary. You may be in better shape then your dog, but the last thing you’re going to want to do is carry them back to the parking lot. Lastly, consider swimming as a healthy, low-impact activity for your dog. Keep swimming to local ponds, creeks, or pools, while avoiding the ocean at all costs. Rip tides, oceanic predators, and a whole host of other risks could compromise your dog’s safety at the beach. Stick to a game of fetch with a tennis ball in the sand instead. Enjoying outdoor activities with your pup is a great way to establish a healthy, long-lasting bond with your beloved pet. Whichever activity you choose, know that you’re investing time in your pet’s happiness, healthy, and longevity for the future.


Lifelong Pet Care – Latham Centers

Latham Centers Lifelong Pet Care




























Latham Centers Lifelong Pet Care offers a distinct opportunity for you to add new meaning and satisfaction to the life of your pet and to Latham’s residents with special needs.

In your absence, we will offer your pet unconditional love and affection, personal care, structure and a new best friend as our caretakers learn, nurture and build trust with your cherished best friend.

It is heart-breaking to see a beloved pet left behind due to the passing of his or her Pet Parent, or inability to provide care due to medical reasons. In most cases the surviving pet is placed into a shelter or sent to live with a family member who is often times unable to give them the same level of care as the pet’s original owner. Pet trusts give you the control and foresight to decide who will provide perpetual care for your pet upon your passing or incapacity to care for them.

A Pet Home Away from Home You Can Trust

Unlike shelters charged with brokering animal adoptions with someone you may never meet, the Latham Lifelong Pet Care option offers a communal home for the remainder of your pet’s life. Latham Centers will give you or family members the option to visit and inspect our facilities and interview with our staff in advance of pet placement. All Latham residential sites are fully licensed and insured.

Latham Centers Lifelong Pet Care will provide the same level of care your pet received from you. Proper planning ensures that you will know exactly where your pet will live the remainder of its life. The care for your pet is documented in your Pet Trust through proper estate planning. With advance planning, you choose your caring pet guardians and make sure that monies are set aside to provide lifelong care for your pet in a safe and loving environment.

As a professionally managed 501(c)(3) not for profit with oversight by a volunteer board of directors, Latham Centers’ finances are audited and certified annually by an independent firm.

Please consult an attorney in regards to your Pet Trust. Click here for a list of Cape Attorneys versed on the topic.

Latham Centers Lifelong Care Center Provides:

  • Individual one-on-one attention
  • Indoor and outdoor playtime
  • Pre-arranged visits to a family member on Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts, if requested
  • The option to have your pet certified as a Companion Animal to visit children with special needs at Latham School and adults at area nursing homes and rehabilitation centers.

Goals of Latham Lifelong Pet Care

  • To provide paid vocational opportunities to our adults and transitional students with complex special needs who are otherwise under employed.
  • To provide the Cape Cod Community with Dog Walking, Long Term Pet Care and Lifelong Pet Care at a reasonable and competitive rate.
  • To provide funding for Latham Centers Asinotherapy and Latham Lifelong Pet Care Programs through the Pet Programs Charitable Gift Annuity to ensure the longevity of Pet Programs at Latham Centers.
  • Provide an opportunity to elders to invest risk-free as they age while receiving a tax deductible annual donation and guaranteed monthly income through a Pet Therapy Charitable Gift Annuity.


for more info on this great program, visit


Preferred Card Benefits

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    Top Finalists in the 2014 Top Dog of Cape Cod Photo Contest

    Top Dog of Cape Cod Photo Contest presented by Agway of Cape Cod

    Photo Contest presented by Agway of Cape Cod

    Contest Dates: May 31 – August 9, 2014

    Grand Prize:

    • Year’s supply of dog food from Blue Buffalo Dog Food
    • Winner’s photo on an Agway gift card
    • ½ hour photo session with Cold Nose Photo

    Blue Buffalo Logocoldnosephoto




    Over 1,000 Entries were submitted in the 2014 Top Dog of Cape Cod Photo Contest!

    Here’s a gallery of our favorites.  These pups are invited as finalists to walk the Red Carpet when the next Top Dog will be announced!


    WHERE: Laurino’s Tavern (3668 Main Street Brewster)

    EVENT: Animal Rescue League “Super Pets Yappy Hour”

    WHEN: Thursday, August 28 from 5:30-7:30 PM


    Come mingle with other people and pups over cocktails and snacks on Laurino’s outside tented patio, all to benefit The Animal Rescue League’s Adoption Center in Brewster!

    Highlighting the evening will be the official crowning of Agway’s “Top Dog of Cape Cod” contest winner. The finalists will strut their stuff on the red carpet before the 2014 winner is announced.  In addition to a year’s supply of Blue Buffalo  dog food, the winner will receive a professional photo session with Cold Nose Photo  and be the feature photo on the Agway Gift Card.

    Admission to Yappy Hour is a $10 donation to the Animal Rescue League (kids 12 and under are free).  *Agway of Cape Cod will cover the $10 donation for 1 person from each finalist’s family

    Top 30 Finalists:

    >> View gallery of ALL 2014 Contest entries on Facebook


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