Bulb Planting Guide



All spring flowering bulbs can be planted from September – December. In all cases, bulbs should be in the ground before the first frost.

Soil preparation

The soil should allow for good drainage – loosen and add if necessary peat moss, to achieve this. Dig either a trench for a bed planting or individual holes for individual bulbs or small clusters. Use the package label for guidance on the spacing requirements – the general rule is the large the bulbs, the more space they need between them.


Plant the bulbs by placing, not pushing them into position. The correct position is determined by the variety you’re planting. Check the package label for the angle – the better the bulb is set, the straighter the flower will grow. Bulbs should generally be planted twice as deep as they are high. Cover the bulbs with soil and water. Keep the planting moist to allow the roots to form more quickly. Bulbs will now get accustomed to their new environment and you can look forward to a colorful spring!


Chart listing the various planting depths of spring flowering bulbs










While it is true that bulbs will re-bloom year after year, this can be further encouraged by fertilizing your planting in the spring. Observe other gardens and experiment! You’ll be amazed with your success!