Cape Cod Native Plants

Installing Cape Cod native plants is one of the more prominent directions home gardeners and landscapers are taking to reverse some of the damage human activity has caused over the past several decades.  It is no secret that North American native plants have been dwindling due to urban development and the introduction of non native plants to our landscapes (Cape Cod has not been insulated from this transition, either). The installation of native, or indigenous, plants will help curb this trend.

There are many benefits to using native plants when designing your next garden bed, or if you are planning on revamping your landscape. Plants that are native to Cape Cod are acclimated to our soil conditions and once they are established, require much less fertilization and water than non-native plants.  These plants are also heartier and more resilient to harsh winter conditions, than non-native varieties, not to mention that aboriginal plants create food and shelter for the indigenous wildlife as well as attracting birds and butterflies to your garden.  In addition to birds and wildlife, native plants also encourage the presence of the native microorganisms and insects that will help keep these plants healthy, without the need for chemical pesticides.

Conversely, plants that are not native to your ecosystem can cause that ecosystem to change, or possibly even collapse.  Non-native plants can be quite invasive and can choke out the indigenous plants. Since most of these non-native plants do not have natural predators, they are able to grow without any means of natural control and hence have an advantage over the aboriginal plants.  With the reduction of native plants, there is also a reduction in the insects and natural wildlife that depend on the native plants to survive.  This can cause ripples higher up the food chain, stressing the ecosystem as a whole.

Agway of Cape Cod offers a variety plants that are native to Cape Cod and the Northeast.  Click the link below to see a chart sampling of some of the Cape Cod native plants that we stock regularly.  For additional information on the varieties that we carry, stop by any of our three locations and talk with our friendly and informative nursery personnel.

Agway of Cape Cod Native Plants