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Whether you are a Professional Contractor looking for commercial grade fertilizers, or a Do-It-Yourself-er looking for the landscape of their dreams, Agway of Cape Cod has all the lawn and garden products you need to make every job a success.  From bagged stone, soils, and mulches to patio block, timbers, and pavers, Agway of Cape Cod has you covered!!

Lawn Care

Grass Seed
Fast Acting, Slow Release,
& Organic Fertilizers
Rakes & Shovels
Lawn Weed Controls
Weed Killers
Grub Control
Insect Control
Moss Control
Hoses & Sprinklers

Garden Supplies

Soils & Mulches
Plant Foods & Fertilizers
(fast acting, slow release, and organic)
Hand Tools
Seed Starting Supplies
Trellises & Arbors
Insect Control
Fungus & Disease Control
Weed Control
Aluminum Sulfate
Animal Repellants
Animal Traps
Pottery & Planters
Window Boxes and Liners
Hooks & Hangers
Upside down planters
Hoses & Sprinklers
Watering Tools Watering Cans
Landscape Fabric
Rain Barrels


Peat Moss
Potting Mixes
Organic Fertilizers
Fish Emulsion fertilizers
Insect Control
Weed Control
Miracle Gro
Organic Holly Food
Agway Organic 4-Stage Fertilizers
Agway Organic Plant &
Lawn Foods
Bradfield Organics
Neptune’s Harvest
Eco Sense
Milky Spore
Disease Control
Grub Control
And More…

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Cool Season Veggies

You might think of the growing season as the time between frosts. But vegetable gardening
doesn’t have to wait until warm weather to be in the forecast. Cool Season vegetables are
heartier varieties that tolerate, and even thrive, in the cold soil of early Spring. For many
gardeners, mid-March marks the best time of the gardening season. What’s really important is
soil temperature–it must be in the 40’s for cool season vegetable seeds to germinate. Simply
go by the general rule that soil is warm enough when you can easily turn it with a shovel. Here
are some come cool season vegetable suggestions worth trying:


Spring Bird Feeding Tips

Spring is an amazing birding season and great for feeding birds. In spring, not only are year-round resident birds eager to visit feeders as winter food supplies run low, but returning migrants need reliable food sources as they head north to their breeding grounds, and well-stocked bird feeders are a popular choice.   Birds eat […]


Starting Seeds Indoors

Start seeds 4 to 6 weeks before you plant in the garden. Cool season crops like broccoli or
lettuce can go into the garden before the last frost. Warm season crops like tomatoes &
peppers should not be planted until all danger of frost is past. Almost anyone can succeed by
following the guidelines below.


Employment Opportunities at Agway of Cape Cod

  Agway of Cape Cod is looking for energetic and friendly people interested in working in a fast-paced outdoor environment.  Most positions begin as seasonal with potential to turn into longer-term, benefited employment.  Prior nursery/retail experience or in-depth knowledge of plants, gardening, or pets is a real plus!   Submit your applications today at any […]


Wait to prepare your garden

After a long a snowy winter, most gardeners are anxious to start preparing their garden for planting. But don’t rush into it to quickly! Preparing your soil too early can be harmful to your garden. When the soil is still saturated from rain or melting snow it can easily become compacted by equipment or just walking on it. Large clumps of wet soil will eventually dry out into heavy chunks that are harder to break up later. How do you know when your soil is ready? Grab a handful of soil and squeeze it into a ball. If you can break the ball with your hand or fingers, or by dropping it, the soil is ready for planting. If you have a hard time breaking that ball you’ll need to wait a little longer to prepare your garden.

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