Fleas & Ticks on Cape Cod

Flea and Tick Season on Cape Cod

Did you know that a flea can bite your pet over 400 times in one day? Did you also know that there are over 200 different species of ticks present in the United States? After the mild winter we just experienced on Cape Cod, the flea and tick population will be higher than in previous years. This means those of us that enjoy gardening, camping, and hiking on Cape Cod will be at a greater risk of being affected by fleas and ticks.

Some Flea & Tick Background:
In the U.S., the most common flea that our pets can be infested with are the cat flea. Flea saliva can often cause an allergic reaction as well as pass on parasitic worms. The vast majority of the flea population is in the egg, larvae, and pupae stages. These three stages comprise 95% of the total flea population. The immature fleas will live in pet bedding, furniture, and carpets indoors, and gardens and lawns outdoors. Once the infestation of your home has been established, it can be quite difficult to reverse. Breaking the life-cycle of the flea is the most important step in eradicating a flea infestation.
Ticks are part of the spider family and some can be very difficult to see (sometimes smaller than the head of a pin!). They are frequently the perpetrators for infecting their victims with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, ehrlichiosis, and Lyme’s Disease. Lyme’s Disease affects more than 16,000 Americans each year. Dogs are actually 50% more susceptible to Lyme’s disease than humans. While you can find ticks in many environments, they are often in or near wooded areas.

Flea & Tick Controls:
The best way to control fleas and ticks is not to get them in the first place! Agway of Cape Cod’s Pet and Lawn and Garden departments have all of the controls you need to keep you and your pets free and safe from fleas and ticks.
Pet Products:
Preventative/Ongoing Measures: Flea collars and some “Spot On” treatments have repellent properties to help keep your pets safe. These products will create a protective barrier against fleas and ticks before they can become a problem.
Immediate Relief: There are shampoos, dips, and spray products for use on your pets that will quickly kill the fleas and ticks already on your pet.
Home & Personal Products:
Repellents: There are many synthetic (DEET) and natural repellents (citronella, lemongrass oils, etc) available on the market for repelling fleas and ticks.
Clothing Sprays: There are some Permethrin based flea and tick killers that can be applied to clothing, boots and outdoor gear to kill fleas and ticks. These will often last through several washings.
Landscape Sprays: Permethrin based insecticides, when sprayed in the wooden boundary areas of your property, will kill fleas and ticks prior to them getting close to your home. This will also help keep fleas and ticks off of you pet if they frequently go into those same wooded areas.
Indoor Household Products: Indoor foggers can be a very good resource for combating flea infestations in the home.

**Always be sure to read and follow all of the labeled instructions of these products prior to using them on your pets or person.**

Agway of Cape Cod is your pet supply destination with Cape Cod’s largest & most trusted source of pet food & supplies, from basics to holistics. From spot on treatments for your pets, to home remedies if you have a flea problem, and insecticides to keep your property free of these buggers, Agway of Cape Cod has you covered!!