Tips for a Drought-Healthy Lawn



Lush green grass is the ultimate symbol of summer, but when a drought strikes lawns can quickly turn brown and brittle. At the same time, many cities will enforce water restrictions and encourage conservation, so how can homeowners still have a green lawn even while they conserve water?


Water Smartly

There are tricks that can help a lawn stay healthy even in the driest conditions, and the most important consideration is to make the best use of the water you do have. When watering your lawn during a drought…

  • Water in the very late evening or very early morning so the grass can absorb more water and less is lost to evaporation.
  • Adjust watering times so the lawn gets more water less frequently. If you typically water for 30 minutes daily, watering 50 minutes every third day simulates longer, steadier rain and can save more than six hours of watering time in one month.
  • Find alternative sources of water, such as recycling aquarium water onto dry patches in the lawn, washing the car or pets on the lawn, or collecting rainwater where possible.

Using Less Water on Your Lawn

The less water you use on your lawn, the more you will be able to conserve during a drought. But how can you keep your lawn healthy with less water?

  • Aerate your lawn to allow what little water there may be to soak in and reach the roots more quickly. This will also give the lawn more oxygen for healthier growth.
  • Mow less frequently, allowing the grass to grow longer. This will help shade the roots and encourage deeper root growth so more water can be accessed underground.
  • Mulch grass clippings to provide vital nutrients to your lawn to promote lush growth with natural composting.
  • Most lawn chemicals require pre-or-post application watering.  Minimize use by spreading chemicals only where necessary, not over the entire lawn.
  • Take children and pets to local parks instead of letting they play on the lawn; less use will stress the thirsty grass less and it will require less water to stay healthy.


With careful watering and smart lawn care, it is possible to have a fantastic summer lawn even during a drought. Your lawn and your water bill will thank you!


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