Top 9 Contestants in Agway’s Top Dog of Cape Cod Contest

These awesome pups were invited to strut their stuff on the Red Carpet at Agway’s 20th Anniversary party on Saturday, July 20th.  See their contest entries, in no particular order.

Note: 123 Entries were submitted and narrowed down to 10 top contestants to compete in the finale. All 10 confirmed attendance for the finale, but due to unforeseeable circumstances one was not able to attend on Saturday. So we had 9 top contestants in the finale.



Name:Miranda Kielpinski


Glacier is a majestic dog that loves all animals without one mean bone in his body. He is not afraid of a adventure. Glacier enjoys a lot of exercise , and is a perfect companion. He enjoys his life on beautiful cape cod, and is my best friend.






Meet Vixen, 3rd Place winner of Agway’s Top Dog of Cape Cod contest!

Name:Alexander Mejía-Johnson


VIXEN: The name says it all…Vivacious, vibrant, and venturesome. With a sleek orange coat, foxy face, athletic built, and bold demeanor, she’s a fine specimen of dog. I was spellbound the moment I laid eyes on this femme fatale, and knew she had to be mine. An adopted Australian cattle dog mix, Vixen may not be purebred, but her spirit is pure canine. She’s a confident wolf, a clever fox, a mischievous coyote, a cunning dingo, a devoted jackal. Vixen is a mongrel that invokes her wild instincts, but espouses all the great qualities of a companion animal. Her intelligence and unbridled exuberance never ceases to amaze me. She’s a rambunctious rascal; energetic, active and agile. She’s a fearless warrior, eager to tackle anything that piques her curiosity. An adventurous, inquisitive explorer, the world is truly her playground. Vixen is a walking contradiction on all fours that always keeps me on my toes. One moment, independent, crafty, and aloof. The next, obedient and doting…showering with kisses and begging for belly-rubs. She is truly her own individual…less of my pet, more of my partner. She’s my companion, friend, confidant, therapist, teacher…my equal. To paraphrase Roger Caras, Vixen is not my whole life, but she makes my life whole. This is why Vixen should be ‘Top Dog’ of Cape Cod. Because like the rising tides of Cape Cod that lift all the boats off the sandy floor, she has lifted my mind, heart, and soul to the top.



Name:Rosemary Quanitick

Wellington is named after the gardening boots not the beef or the duke. He is my best friend and constant companion everywhere.his vocabulary is very large, squirrel being his favorite word,where every part of his body goes into instant alert. Around march 5 he has a benefit birthday party,about20 of his friends come . they all bring him cash,checks, crates,blankets even kitty litter boxes as gifts which he divides up between the Brewster animal rescue leaque and wildcare. For his birthday he does get a meatloafcake with mashed potato frosting and wellington written in pupperonies. Everyone gets to wear homemade hats and Hawaiian lai’s and goes for a good long walk. Wellington loves everyone and loves to try everything sledding,tobogganing and going to the firebirds base ball games,where everyonr comes over to greet him. When someone goes out to far swimming ,he goes out to rescue them and gives them his tail to hold onto. The rest of the time he just rides in the front of my car with his paw on my shoulder and I look up at him and just smile.



Winner!  Meet Jasper, THE Top Dog of Cape Cod

Name:Sophia Gianniotis



Jasper is, without a doubt, the complete “Cape Cod dog” package. He lives on a cranberry bog which he frequents for muskrat and frog hunting, and is happiest on the beach. He isn’t one of those neurotic beach dogs that only want to dig or chase the ball for hours. Instead, he is a renaissance beach dog, swimming, playing, running, digging, finding dead things, saying hi to other people and dogs.
On the porch in the evenings, he keeps watch over our 7 acre farm in Harwich.
Jasper hasersonality in spades, from the way he “smiles” when he greets someone he knows and loves, to his ability to pick berries off the vine by himself. He is a steadfast companion and absolutely our “top dog”.






Name:Ryan Birchall Campbell


Meet Lilah! She is a 6 year old Bernese Mt Dog who is the sweetest, most loyal dog I have known. Since a pup, she has only wanted to please me. She learned tricks and commands so quickly when she realized they earned her praise and attention from me. When she was two, we took the Companion Animal Program course to become a therapy dog team and she lights up the faces of the elderly she visits. When my husband brought home a kitten, she quickly became his guardian. When we brought home 4 littleducklings, they followed her around everywhere and she would lick them clean and lay in the kiddie pool with them. Now with our two year old son, he cuddles up in her belly and reads her books, sneaks her snacks under the table and quickly positions herself between him and other dogs at Kent’s.
Last September, she was hit by a car, chasing a squirrel. It was the scariest moment, but after several nights in the hospital, several screws in her pelvis and many weeks of recovery, she is nearly 100%.
Lilah is the most most beautiful, lovable, sweet tempered, obliging dog ever. A true gentle giant. Top dog in my heart forever.








Shea, Runner Up in Agway’s Top Dog of Cape Cod Contest!

Name:Jim Falcone


Shea, owned by Courtney Falcone, is not your basic Cape Cod bathing beauty. She’s not a sleek Black Lab running around with a cutesy red bandana, or a pretty Golden strutting around with her nose held high in the air, nor is she a “Doodle” the just seems to have it all. Shea is a working girl and proud of it. She uses her 185lbs, (big boned girl) to help tow a sled full of our famous Wellfleet Oysters off our shellfish grant. Never worry about a little mud on her fur…not to mention what that does to her manicure…she does it all without a whimper. Shea as you can see from the photo has a passion for gardening. She always insists on purchasing not only her food, but all her gardening needs from Agway! Please give a working girl a chance…she truly is a “Top Dog”.


ELLAName:Joann Brady

City:Sagamore Beach


Ella is a Tennessee rescue who became a Cape Cod puppy two years ago. She brings so much love to everyone she meets and everything she does and will do anything if it means she will be with her family. She loves Cape Cod, hiking in the woods, walking the canal and kayaking but she cannot swim so she has her own life preserver. She has managed to raise over $1000.00 in two years for the ARL of Brewster and this year won the kissing contest. We do all of our pet food shopping for her, her sisters and brother at the Dennis Agway and she loves visiting all of her “girls” there.



LUCKYName:Jessica MacManus



This regal gentleman isn’t just a pretty face. Lucky is the sweetest, most gentle and loving dog you can imagine. A true Cape Codder through and through, Lucky loves the beach. He swims along after my kayak for hours, and people often warn me that a bear is following behind.
This gentle giant was originally adopted to be a guard dog, and instead my marshmallow helps me foster kittens, clings to my side during thunderstorms, and gets pushed around by the cat. Lucky has been a constant companionthroughout the last decade. He traveled west with me for grad school, and couldn’t be happier to return to the Cape to settle down and be a beach bum. He is Cape Cod’s Top Dog!



Name:Tommy Dott



Meet G. Willikers. He is one of our 4 fuzzy kids. Although he is our “problem child”, G. Willi is the most lovable dog of our home, which is a pet-friendly inn (Lamb and Lion Inn). As a puppy, G. Willi was the smallest dog our vet had ever seen (think “black tennis ball”). He had a pushed-in nose, a spaced-out stare, and he was so dark that he disappeared regularly. Well, his nose eventually popped out, and like many of us he has a little white mixed in (making him easier to find), but he’s still spaced out, the poor thing. He loves to explore the hallways and usually ends up in a guest’s room. He loves to be chased up and down the inn’s long hallways and the guests get him to spin for them (his only trick–he’s a spinning lunatic). We ask our guests to deliver the little space cadet back regularly, and warn them not to let G. Willi kiss them–chances are he ate a dead worm for lunch.
We’re hoping to relieve our tremendous guilt with an “Agway’s Top Dog” win. Countless people over G. Willikers’ 11 years have asked us “Why don’t you get him into TV or movies?” We just didn’t, and feel like we missed a huge opportunity to get G. Willi the fame he so richly deserves. Although Agway ain’t Hollywood, we believe it’s just the ego boost this little old dog needs