6 Ways to Spruce Up Your Yard for Summer BBQs

With Memorial Day in sight, thoughts turn to backyard barbecues and lazy days in the yard.  With a few easy steps, you can turn your backyard into an enticing gathering spot your guests won’t want to leave.

Freshen up the mulch

This is so easy and inexpensive, you won’t believe you didn’t do it sooner.  A fresh layer of mulch in beds and around plants gives an instant facelift to the landscape and also smells great!

Add a water feature

Keep it simple with a birdbath, go a little bigger with a fountain, or go for the gold with a koi pond.  The trickling sound of water creates an instant transformation! Fountains are available in a variety of kits and can easily be installed in an afternoon.  While a bit more labor intensive, koi pond kits are also available and are a unique way to create a dramatic effect.

Get creative with containers

Container gardening is the easiest way to experiment with new varieties, hues and textures. They can instantly transform a dull space into an oasis of color.  The containers themselves are also more colorful and versatile than ever, ranging from traditional terracotta to some made from beautiful mosaic tiles.

Add some personality with a lawn fixture

We’re not talking about pink flamingos and kitsch plastic.  We’re talking about beautiful, artistic sculptures that showcase your unique personality, while adding a bit of whimsy. From stepping stones to angels to dogs and cats, there’s an ornament for everyone.

Fire it up

Firepits are one of the easiest ways to create ambiance, warmth and a focal point in the yard.  Whether you’re roasting marshmallows or enjoying cocktails and conversation, they’re a natural gathering spot for kids of all ages.  And from custom built to pre-made/portable, they now come in enough shapes, sizes and materials to work with any aesthetic.

Turn gardening tools into party tools!

You probably have a galvanized bin or some empty planters in the shed. Fill them with ice and beverages for a cool bar feature. Or serve your chips and salsa in terracotta planters. Take it a step further by using a (clean!) gardening spade as a scoop for dips.  With a little creativity, the options are endless!

With a few easy steps, your backyard will be the envy of the neighborhood and a primo spot for summer gatherings!