A Letter to Our Loyal Customers

To our loyal customers:

A month ago, our family never could have fathomed what our business, employees, and community is currently going through. We realize that most other businesses like ours, both on and off-Cape are still operating “business as usual”, with added safety precautions. Many are asking why we made the move to not allow customers inside store so soon. We feel a strong responsibility to our community and our employees to do what we can to prevent the spread of this virus. Good for business? Probably not, but life is more important.

Our team has been in brainstorming, planning, and problem-solving mode nonstop for the last 10 days. When this started getting “real” a week or two ago, our first priority was (and still is) to keep our employees safe. Our employees’ physical, mental, and emotional health are paramount to us. We saw the emotional stress it was putting on them to come to work and potentially expose themselves to this contagious virus, which is why we made the decision to switch to offering Curbside Shopping and Home Delivery only.

We couldn’t be more proud of our team at Agway of Cape Cod.  During this tremendously challenging time, our employees are working tirelessly to help our customers.  They have quickly adjusted to daily changes in how we conduct business and have put forth extraordinary effort to keep themselves, their team members and our customers safe.  We are so blessed to have them and we are humbled by their dedication, support, and perseverance.

And you, our loyal customers have been tremendously patient and supportive as we stumble through a new process of taking orders remotely which is monumentally more difficult and stressful for our staff to do (trust us, we’d take a hectic day in May any day over this!).

Spring is here and we understand how now more than ever the therapeutic benefits of getting outside for yard work and gardening is not only good for us both mentally and physically, but a welcome distraction from the “real world”.

Amidst the hecticness around us, as we walk through our warehouses that are bursting at the seams with lawn and garden products for the upcoming spring season, as well as our nurseries which are still filling up with more plant deliveries weekly, we’d be lying if we didn’t admit it causes a moment of panic and anxiety. Adding a full online shopping feature has been on our agenda, but unfortunately not ready before this situation. Coulda woulda shoulda….

Our team is constantly planning for the next steps so we can safely get you the plants, gardening supplies and more that you’ll be needing this spring. In the meantime, we will strive to continue providing the essential products you need to keep your furry and feathery family members fed and taken care of, as well as other various essential supplies for your households. Our promise to you is that we’ll continue to do our best for you, our employees, and the community.

While we are doing everything that we can to be safe, we do ask that you do the same. If and when you are at the stores picking up your order, please maintain distance from each other and our staff. Please be responsible and stay home if you do not feel well. As things are changing quickly, we will continue to monitor and will keep you updated.

Thank you again for your tremendous support and patience.

From our family to yours,

~ Joshua Wile & Jessica Wile Thomas, Co-Owners