About Our Chicks

At Agway of Cape Cod, our love of animals and commitment to humane practices extends to all living creatures, particularly those in our care.  We place meticulous attention on the process of sourcing our baby chicks and placing them in loving, local homes.

Our chicks come from an extremely reputable, family-owned hatchery that adheres to stringent humane and sanitary standards. This hatchery is NOT a commercial facility.  They raise their breeder chicks with small, independent farmers and hatch chicks exclusively for farm and backyard poultry growers. Prior to leaving the hatchery, all chicks are sexed and vaccinated. The chicks are then shipped with careful evaluation of weather and other environmental conditions to ensure that each transport is safe.  

These chicks are bred to be hearty, high egg-producing birds. This makes them ideal for families and individuals who want to experience the joy of raising backyard chickens. Whether for companionship or egg production, raising chickens is a growing trend and provides a wealth of benefits, many of which are outlined in this article.

While the chicks are in our charge awaiting pick up, their safekeeping is of utmost priority. Our staff are trained in the handling, feeding, proper temperature and environmental needs they require.  The chicks’ brooders are cleaned frequently and their conditions are constantly monitored. In short, they’re loved and treated as if they were pets of our own.

As we would with any living creature, we also take great pride in making sure they’re going to a responsible owner who is educated in the care needed for a happy and healthy upbringing.  We have even established relationships with multiple farms that will take in any chicks that do not find owners in a suitable time period. This means that EVERY chick that comes into our store will go to a caring home!

Our team at Agway is always here to answer your questions and provide guidance. In the meantime, we invite you to check out these additional resources about raising backyard chickens:

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