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You Asked, We Listened! Introducing Rooster Rewards

Two Easy Ways to Earn Rewards

  • Frequent Buyer Clubs
    Earn free bags of the pet and wild bird food brands you already buy. Over 60 clubs included!
    Typically 10-12 bags = 1 free bag. Details vary by brand, see store for details. Buyer club balances expire after 14 months per manufacturer requirements.
  • Loyalty Dollars
    Earn up to 3x points on every dollar you spend! Plus earn bonus points during  promotions.
    500 points = $5.00 reward Use your loyalty dollars the next day or bank for up to 6 months and save up to buy something special!

Rooster Rewards Details

What’s Happening?
The original Agway Rewards program is being replaced by a new and improved customer rewards and loyalty program called “Rooster Rewards”!

Why is Agway changing their customer rewards and loyalty program?
We are taking the opportunity to improve the original Agway Rewards program as part of a company-wide operating system conversion that begins on June 13, 2017.

How does the new Rooster Rewards program work?
Every time you reach 500 points, on the following day you’ll receive $5 Loyalty Dollars which will be stored on your account. No more pesky paper coupons with a short expiration!  You will be prompted to apply loyalty dollars to your sale, or you can choose to bank the dollars to use another time. 

Do the dollars expire?
Unlike the 4-week expiration of the $5 preferred coupons, your dollars will stay on your account for up to 6 months!

What can I use the dollars on?
Anything we sell! 

500 points – Does that mean I have to spend $500 to get a $5 reward?
No, its much less than that. Our products have different point values associated with them, and may vary from category to category. A particular dog toy that costs $10 might be worth 25 points, whereas a garden hose that costs the same might be 15 points.  Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to earn bonus points during promotions.

How do I participate?
If you currently have an Agway Preferred Customer Card or account, you are already enrolled!  We’re happy to provide you with a new card that can be attached to your original account.

What happens to my old points, etc.?
Unfortunately, we are unable to bring over your preferred customer points into the new system.

What about my pet food frequent buyer balances?
Not to worry, your frequent buyer balances are being brought over. And bonus – no more paper coupons to keep track of. Now, when you have purchased the designated program quantity, the system will automatically ring through the next bag at zero charge.  i.e. Buy 10 Get 1 Free, When we scan the 11th, it will come off your sale total!

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  • Rooster Rewards

    Rooster Rewards

    Sign up for our Rooster Rewards program to earn free bags of the pet and wild bird food brands you already buy. Plus earn loyalty points on every dollar you spend!

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    Agway Gift Cards

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