Valentine’s Gift Guide

Chocolates and roses may be perennial favorites, but let’s take it up a notch with an unexpected, thoughtful gift that can be treasured all year.  Here are ideas for all of your loved ones – the hes, the shes, the wees and, of course, the furballs.

For Her

Flowers  – A classic show of affection…you can never go wrong with a beautiful floral arrangement.  Our seasoned nursery team has hand picked their favorite stems and will be crafting arrangements for Valentine’s Day and other holidays throughout the year. From roses to tulips, lilies to peonies, and several other surprises, beautiful flowers aren’t just the perfect display of love, they’re also the perfect antidote for winter’s cold gloom. Available for Valentine’s Day starting February 10th.

Succulents – There’s a reason that succulents are so popular.  They’re hearty, low maintenance, and small enough for any space, including your desk.  Their oddly intriguing colors, shapes, and textures make them versatile enough to appeal to any taste.  And the fact that they are extremely tough and drought resistant means “no green thumb” needed!


For Him

Seed Starter Kit – Feed the soul of your favorite gardener with all of the tools to nurture seedlings indoors this winter. He’ll be warmed as he watches his seedlings grow and mature, and come spring he’ll have hearty seedlings ready to be transplanted to the garden to prosper. The perfect give to help any gardener toil away the winter blues!

For Your Best Friend or Work Pal

Betta fish – Native to Thailand, these colorful, graceful swimmers are known as “The Jewels of the Orient”.  They also make a great gift for good reason.  Unlike our lovable four-footed pets, these companions are easy to care for and require little maintenance.  Their portable size and quiet nature also make them a perfect desk-mate.  Available at our Dennis store only. 

For The Wee Ones

Do you know a kid who loves splish-splashing in puddles and digging in the dirt? We bet you do! These adorable pint-sized garden tools, wellies and clogs in bright colors are perfect for doing just that! In fact, they’re so cheery you may want to borrow them yourself!

For Your Pup

Nothing is sweeter than a puppy kiss unless, of course, said puppy has stinky breath.  Merrick makes getting up close and personal more enjoyable with the help of Fresh Kisses Dog Treats.  Infused with mint strips, they clean the dog’s teeth and freshen breath at the same time.  We love that they’re safely cooked in the USA with no ingredients from China.  Your dogs will love their mouthwatering taste. And most importantly, you’ll love his sloppy kisses!

For Your Feline

Give kitty the one thing she loves almost as much as you – catnip.  Purrfectly packaged in little hearts, these gifts will give her hours of play, followed by blissful rest.  They include a Velcro opening for easy refilling and come in several colors.

For All

You’ve got the perfect gift, now don’t forget the card.  Yes, we have them, too in fun animal designs!

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