Cat Friendly Houseplants

Cat friendly House Plants

Did you know that your cat will chew on your leafy plants for extra fiber?

Although they are carnivores, cats sometimes crave different food groups just like we do. This can be dangerous though since they aren’t entirely aware of what plants have good nutrients and what plants are highly toxic! A plant’s fragrance can seem too appetizing to your feline friends and hide the poison within them.

In reality, some plants are dangerous, whereas others are just not healthy for your cat to eat. The list of toxic plants can go on and on, but here are a few of the most toxic and also most common houseplants you will want to keep out of your home if you have a cat.

True Aloe Aloe Vera

Jade Plant Crassula ovata

Rubber Tree Hevea brasiliensis

All types of Ferns!!!

Some plants that will brighten up your home and are also safe for your cat to munch on can be found right here at Agway!

African Violets Saintpaulia ionantha

These fleshy textured plants are native to Tanzania and can double as an indoor and outdoor plant. The bright pink and purple flowers that blossom are harmless and are sure to be an eye catcher.






Radiator Plant Peperomias

With short, thick stems and fleshy leaves that store water, the Radiator plant varies from one to the next. One thing that stays true though is that it is pet-friendly for all! Watch this plant grow tiny flowers as it thrives indoors without the worry of your cat being harmed.






Swedish Ivy Plectranthus verticillatus

Add some color in your home with  Swedish Ivy that embraces a popping purple or pink tone in its leaves as well as it’s stems. Swedish Ivy is a year-round plant and contrary to the name, it will not grow like a weed.







Prayer Plant Maranta leuconeura 

Another flowering plant that will brighten your home, but keep danger at bay from your four legged friends.The foliage of the Prayer Plant is beautiful and your cat will love to watch the plant in motion with its flat structure during the day and bent over position at night as if the plant was praying (hence the nickname).  





We always recommend you research any plant you consider purchasing.

Come in to our Agway of Orleans, Dennis, and Chatham Greenhouses  today to pick up these plants and brighten your home while maintaining a safe environment for your curious cat. Don’t forget to ask our experts for help!

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