The Perfect Treat!

 Choosing the right treat for your four-legged friends.


Treats aren’t just a reward for your pooch.  They’re also a way to sneak in key nutrients that your dog needs, bond with them and gain their trust. Champion Petfoods has some great advice when it comes to choosing the perfect treat for your furry friends. Treats have purposes so before making a purchase, think about what you want that purpose to be — nutrition, training or occupation.

If you want to train your dog or cat, Champion Petfoods recommends buying a “a very small or soft texture that can easily be broken into smaller pieces.” Studies have found that using treats as positive reinforcement while training your pooch will shape your dog into a more obedient and less anxious character. Cloud Star Tricky Trainers come in multiple flavors and are a perfect treat to teach an old dog new tricks.

Or maybe you are just looking for something to keep your pet occupied for a long period of time? That’s where bigger, bone-like treats will do the trick. Barkworthies says “ Chews Wisely” when finding a long-lasting chew for your pet. Their packaging includes a description of how long a bone will last depending on how much your pup loves to chew! When picking a bone, choose one that is larger than your dog’s mouth to prevent choking and watch for sharp pieces your dog may create as he breaks it down.

Nutrition is key to a healthy lifestyle, even for animals. If you’re looking to supplement your pet’s diet, look for a treat high in nutrients. Merrick’s Fresh Kisses is a great dental treat to keep your pups’ teeth sparkly clean. Good for their teeth and great for their breath, your dog will love to gnaw on the brush-shaped treat. 

Taste will play an important role in making a decision, as well. Like humans, animals often have a desired pallet so choose something you think your animal will care for. Agway has a wide selection of treats and flavors to choose from so ask our pet experts for help when shopping for your furry friends!

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