August Gardening Tasks

august gardening tasks yellow rain boots in a garden with tools.The summer months are coming to an end before we know it, so make sure you get all your gardening tasks in before it’s too late! Time to get into the habit of preparing your plants for the next gardening season, so here is a list of tasks you’ll want to check off before August is over.


Collect Seeds

As your plants blossom into beautiful flowers, fruits, veggies and more, collect their seeds and store them away to plant next year. Leave some seed heads behind as the plants in your garden just might self-seed in the surrounding area and come back on their own. You’ll want to keep your seeds dry and cool to ensure proper growth.  Seeds are usually only good for up to 2 years, so you’ll want to mark when they were pulled! Keep them stored in a tight container as well to keep bugs away. Last thing you want is for a bug to either nibble away at your precious seeds or infect them with diseases.


Clean your Yard

Before the foliage falls from the trees, clean up your yard so nothing gets in the way of your future planting. Pick up any fallen fruits and veggies so bugs aren’t attracted to your garden. Remove any debris or weeds before they get lost in a pile of leaves. Fertilize and mulch your lawn and garden to ensure proper care over the winter months.


Plan Ahead

Planning your garden for next year is going to put you above the rest. Plant trees and shrubs now so they take root over the winter and are ready to go once March comes around. Order Spring Bulbs as well so they have time to chill. Think about what you want your fall garden to look like and get planting.  Marigolds, Sage, Mums, Snapdragons, Pansy, and Pumpkins can be added to your garden now so they bloom in grow in time for the autumn months ahead.


General Maintenance

As always, you’ll want to continue doing your daily gardening tasks such as watering, pruning, harvesting and weeding. All of this will keep your garden healthy and bright. Take a walk through of your garden and enjoy the aesthetically pleasing look of all your hard work. These the heat is at a high right now so you’ll want to make sure your plants are being watered to the fullest. All of these tedious tasks will also ensure healthy re-growing for next year when your plants come back again.


Once this is done, you’ll have another month or so to enjoy your garden before prepping for the colder seasons. Happy gardening!

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