October Gardening Tasks

hand holding pruners trimming branch October Gardening TasksThe outdoor gardening season has come to an end. Temperatures are dropping, the leaves are falling, and you have a lot to get done in order to prepare your lawn and garden for the bitter cold. Follow these tasks to leave your garden in good standing over the Winter and you will be happy to see what springs out in March.



Soil needs to breathe in order to grow and aerating the soil will allow airflow deep down. Aerating is the act of puncturing holes into the lawn making air more easily accessible while also de-compacting the soil.  Compacted soil prevents air, water and nutrients from circulating within it. Moist soil will be more beneficial so plan on aeration either after rainfall or spray the soil down with a hose prior to.



Harvest your crops before the first frost to prevent damage to your plants. Squashes and pumpkins will become squishy and rotted if not done on time. When done harvesting your beans, feel free to cut the plant away. Leave the roots deep in and prepare your garden for next year by adding manure to the surrounding area. Tomatoes and peppers can be brought indoors and hung upside to finish ripening. Enjoy all the fruits and vegetables you have been growing this season by using them in salads, pies, or any other dishes you please.


Potted Plants

Transition any outdoor plants into pots and bring them inside. Perennials are shade tolerant plants so transition them into a pot. Herbs like Rosemary, Basil, Sage, and Oregano are another great plant to take from your outdoor garden and stick in a pot on your window sills. Know how much the plants you’re bring in need water and light. Light is important when bringing a plant indoor because it will determine whether the pot should be in a window, on a table, or near a glass door to receive the right amount of sun for its personal care.


Read more about preparing your lawn and garden for the next few months in Prepare Plants Now for Winter written by the one and only Plant Doctor, Chad Thomas.

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