March Gardening Tasks

Spring is just around the corner so it’s time to kick your green thumb into gear. There is a lot to do to prepare your lawn and garden for the warm weather and it starts with you in your backyard. Follow this guide to get you started for the gardening season.

Have the Right Supplies

Once your plants start blooming, you will need your tools prepared to keep up with the maintenance of your yard. Thoroughly scrub those containers and make sure all of your gardening tools are clean, sharpened and ready to go. Inspect and replace any broken tools.  New shovels, trowels, rakes, hoes, pruners, cultivators, gloves, hoses & more are available at Agway every day. Browse through our collection of gardening tools here.

Cleaning Up

It’s the start of the outdoor gardening season, so your first task is going to be cleaning up the yard of any leftover foliage, branches, annuals, and most importantly, weeds. If not taken care of properly now, pesky weeds will be a perennial nuisance.  We recommend Weed Beater or Ortho Weed B Gone. Once fully cleaned, your beds can be dressed with a fresh layer of mulch. Agway carries a variety of colors and textures for any preference, click here to view our mulch.

Protect & Prepare

Don’t let pesky creatures wreak havoc on your hard work. Using a product like Shake Away Coyote & Fox Urine Granules will deter them by giving small citters the illusion that predators are in the area. Captain Jack’s Dead Bugs is also a great insect repellent that kills bagworms, borers, beetles and more. This is also a great time to test the pH level of your soil. You’ll want to test itl a few times and in a few different locations, to make sure it’s a suitable match for the plants you plan on growing. For gardeners who want to get a jump start on planting, now’s the time to start growing your seedlings indoors. See our article on Seed Starting & Indoor Growing for tips.

Watch Out for Weather

As the temperatures rise and soil softens, you can start planting shrubs and deciduous trees. You can also start to remove protective mulch from roses and blossoming plants to prepare them for the gardening season. Be weary of spring frosts and cold snaps however, particularly in New England. And be ready to cover any emerging buds in the event of it!  

As always, ask our Agway employees any questions you may have to get your yard in shape for the growing season.

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