Dog Grooming 101

It’s time to give your pup a bath! 
Whether they have been running around in the mud or it’s been a while, start with prepping your bathroom (best for small dogs) or an outside area (best for medium and large dogs). Put all the items needed to get your pup clean and groomed together this will make everything easier for you. To make grooming time more enjoyable, teach your dog to associate bathing with treats or the things they love and remember to take it slow so they feel relaxed and comfortable. 
For the bath keep these items nearby:

  • Brush
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Towels

After the bath it’s time to groom! This means more than taking care of your pet’s coat you should also check their paws, nails, ears, eyes and teeth. 

Some pups will need their hair trimmed. Make sure your pets eyes are not being obscured by their hair. Trim any long hair around their anus, where grass or burrs get stuck or anywhere their hair mats or tangles. Never point your scissor at your dog and don’t forget to reward them for being food with treats. We also have hair dryers for our long haired dog. If your dog can handle having their hair dried it will speed up the process but try and keep them calm. Initially the hair dryer might scare them. 

Get the brush that is right for your pet, you don’t want to cause them any discomfort. Use a grooming glove or soft brush on short-haired pups, medium – long haired pups will need combs and bristle brushes. 

Paws & Nails. If their nails are long, trim a small amount off the tip of the nails. Be careful and don’t trim too much. There are blood vessels in their nails and if you cut them it will hurt your dog and they will bleed. Styptic pads or powder can help to stop the bleeding quickly. Don’t feel comfortable trimming their nails? Talk to your vet about the best solution. 
Some pets grow extra hair between the paw pads, this hair can get matted, catch debris or make it harder for your older dog to get up on wood, tile or linoleum floors. Carefully trimming this hair can help the pup.  
Finish their new look with a new leash or collar, check out some of the new styles in our current flyer.
Have questions about the right shampoos, brush, trimmer or scissors? Ask someone in green at your local Agway of Cape Cod. We’re here to help!