Employee Health & Safety Meeting

Remember: What you do impacts those around you; what they do impacts you.


Self-Certification is there for a very serious purpose and should not be taken lightly. This is a required daily check in that gives you a moment to pause, self-assess, think about your exposures and consider the safety of those around you.  Failure to complete the daily self-certification, or blatant falsification of answers is in direct violation of our protocol and is grounds for disciplinary action up to and including termination.

          If you are not feeling well, or if you have a temperature of 100.3 or higher, with or without any other symptoms, stay home and contact us.

          Wear a mask at all times. The ONLY way to wear a mask is covering your nose and mouth.  The same goes for our customers, it’s the law!

          Disinfect work areas regularly. This includes registers, doorknobs, counters, etc.  If you share a workspace or register, disinfect when you leave and when you return as you won’t know who has been using it while you are away.


Consider the potential impact of COVID on Agway.  If you or a co-worker tests positive for COVID, it impacts everyone.  We may have to close our doors for an extended period, co-workers will be required to quarantine, customers will be forced to shop elsewhere, and worst, people could get seriously ill.  It’s imperative to consider these facts when choosing to come to work, and when choosing your behavior at work and in your personal lives. We care about YOU, we care about the people YOU care about. Please don’t put them at risk.

Try This

One exercise we suggest (and we’ve done this as well) is to map out your own personal risk.  When and where do you have the greatest risk of being exposed to COVID?  At work?  At home? At a restaurant?  Who is in your “bubble” and what are their own risks? Are they all wearing masks when out in public and practicing safe social distancing?

This exercise can help you understand your vulnerabilities and should help you take the right steps to do everything you can to prevent the potential spread of COVID.  This should help you thoughtfully answer questions in your head such as:

          Can I skip sanitizing just this once?

          Should I order take-out or dine-in at a restaurant?

          Should I go to a friend’s party?

          I’m in a rush, 5 seconds of washing my hands was good enough, right?

          Someone I am close with is acting in an unsafe manner, what should I do?

There are no right or wrong answers, but please know your risks and who could be affected by your decision.

Be mindful or your routine activities and their rate of risk; some examples:

Low Risk:

  • Opening mail
  • Ordering take-out food
  • Shopping with curb-side pick up
  • Pumping gas
  • Small group outdoor activities

Low/Moderate Risk:

  • Staying at a hotel
  • Visiting a medical office
  • Eating outside at a restaurant

Moderate Risk:

  • Shopping at a grocery store or mall
  • Visiting a friend at their house
  • Working for extended amount of time in an office building
  • Visiting an elderly friend or relative in their home or care facility
  • Sending kids to school or daycare

Moderate/High Risk:

  • Personal care appointments
  • Eating inside a restaurant
  • Traveling by air
  • Close contact sports (inside or outside)
  • Greeting with a handshake or hug

High Risk:

  • Working out at a gym
  • Carpooling with others from outside of your household
  • Going to a movie theater
  • Going to church
  • Going to a bar
  • Any gatherings with 20+ people

The more you put yourself at risk the more precautions you should take to protect others. Wearing a mask, social distancing, virtual activities, frequent hand washing and self-evaluations are just a few of the precautions you can take to protect the community. If you have a question or concern about something you have witnessed or asked to do, contact us immediately. SAFETY is top priority.

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