National Rescue Day

By our local pet expert, Lauren Barbo, Certified Veterinary Technician

May 20th is National Rescue Dog Day! This holiday is observed to bring awareness to the countless number of dogs that need a second chance at a forever home. Deciding to adopt a furry best friend is a life changing journey and there are many benefits.  Here are my top 5 reasons to rescue your next dog!

1.You’re saving more than one life. When you adopt a dog you not only saving a life, you are opening up more room for other animals in need.

2.You support a worthy cause.  Not only are you giving an animal a second chance, your adoption fee goes directly to helping take care of other shelter dogs.

3.You are giving a living being a second chance at life.  Being able to love an animal that never knew what love was is incredibly rewarding for both of you. Most of these animals have been abandoned, given up or were homeless to begin with.

4.Fighting back at puppy mills. By adopting from a local shelter you are giving back to your community instead of supporting a commercial puppy mill. Mill facilities prioritize profit over the health and safety of animals.

5.You can adopt a dog at various ages.  When adopting from a rescue facility, it gives you the chance to adopt a dog at an age that fits your lifestyle. You can adopt a puppy, adult or an in-need senior!  At a shelter you have a chance to learn about the dog’s temperament, health needs and ability to get along with other animals and people. 

The most important factor to consider when adopting is your current and future lifestyle. Can you handle a high energy pet that needs a lot of exercise or would you do better with a mellow low energy pet? 

When looking to adopt it is very important to make sure you feel comfortable and trust the rescue you are working with. This journey requires a lot of patience but staying open minded to different non-profit organizations will broaden your search.  Confirming that the rescue you are working with is a registered 501c3 non-profit and treats their animals well and sources them ethically is very important. Use sources like the Animal Rescue LeagueMSPCA and local non-profits to guide you in the right direction.

Not ready to adopt yet? Fostering is a great option for people who are thinking about adopting but aren’t ready to make a lifelong commitment. Fostering not only provides a dog a temporary home but also opens up precious shelter space to other animals in need.