Agway of Cape Cod is a third generation, family run business with locations in Dennis, Chatham and Orleans. We are your local source for Lawn, Garden & Pet Supplies.

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  • COVID-19 Updates

    COVID-19 Updates

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  • New Digital Flyer

    New Digital Flyer

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  • Fall Lawn Tips

    Fall Lawn Tips

    By the of August, most lawns are showing signs of wear. The good news is that grass is more resilient than most think and the fall is an ideal time to restore its vigor.

  • Ready, Set, Prune your Hydrangeas!

    Ready, Set, Prune your Hydrangeas!

    It’s the number 1 question asked about Hydrangeas. When is the safest time to prune my Blue Hydrangeas without affecting the flowers for next year? Well the answer is now! There are two types of Hydrangeas out there- those that bloom on “old wood” (stems that have been on the plant since last year) and… Read More »

  • Itty Bitty Craft Fairs

    Itty Bitty Craft Fairs

    Missed out on this year’s craft fairs? Agway of Cape Cod has created a 13′ x 13′ outdoor space for crafters to showcase and sell their beautiful handmade goods at each store. Learn more about how you can have an Itty Bitty Craft Fair of your own! Want to sign up? Click here for our online… Read More »