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Agway of Cape Cod is a third generation, family run business with locations in Dennis, Chatham and Orleans. We are your local source for Lawn, Garden & Pet Supplies.
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Chicks – The Ultimate Care Guide

Chicks – The Ultimate Care Guide

Chicks have officially arrived at Agway! Welcoming fluffy, chirping chicks into your life is exciting, whether you're starting a backyard flock or adding to an existing one. However, caring for these adorable bundles of feathers requires knowledge, preparation, and...

Bring Your Garden Indoors with Hydroponics

Bring Your Garden Indoors with Hydroponics

Imagine enjoying fresh herbs, vibrant greens, and juicy tomatoes year-round, all without stepping foot outside your home. With in-home hydroponic systems, this dream becomes a reality. In honor of hydroponics recently arriving at Agway, let's explore the world of...

The History of World Whale Day – A Deep Dive

The History of World Whale Day – A Deep Dive

In our vast open oceans, there exists a majestic creature that has captured the awe and imagination of humanity for centuries - the whale. These magnificent giants of the sea have played a significant role in our planet's ecosystem and cultural narratives. Every year...

Orchids – A History

Orchids – A History

Orchids, often referred to as the aristocrats of the plant world, have captivated human imagination for centuries with their beauty, diversity, and mystique. From their delicate petals to their intricate patterns and vibrant colors, these flowers have earned a special...

Pet Dental Health Tips

Pet Dental Health Tips

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, affects more than 80% of pet cats and dogs. Fortunately, the most common forms of these diseases are largely preventable or treatable with appropriate preventive dental care and monitoring. In honor of Pet Dental Health...

Winter Bird Watching in Cape Cod

Winter Bird Watching in Cape Cod

One of the pros of this time of year in Cape Cod is that our winter wonderland becomes a haven for bird watchers and birds alike! While summer may be the more popular time for beachgoers, winter unveils a different side of Cape Cod – a quieter, more introspective...

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