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Everything Your New Flock Needs

Newly hatched chicks arrive annually at Agway of Cape Cod in Orleans and Dennis locations each spring. They are typically available from the first week of March through the end of May.  If you’re thinking of starting your own flock, first, congratulations!  Raising chickens can be a rewarding experience on many levels!

There’s lots to do as you prepare for chicken ownership, and it’s a good idea to start gathering information and supplies at least a few weeks before your purchase chicks. 

Here is a list of products you’ll want to collect before your feathered friends arrive.

Feed, Water and Heat are the most important necessities you’ll want to keep up with when it comes to raising your chicks. Changing the water at least three times a day ensures the chicks are getting a fresh and clean supply. A quart-sized container is ideal since it will fit into their living quarters. As far as food goes, Agway carries Manna Pro, Nutrena and Blue Seal chick starter/grower food. Both are filled with high-quality ingredients, key for keeping your chicks in prime health.
A good source of heat is equally as important as fresh water and good nutrition. Placing a thermometer above the living quarters with your chicks will be very helpful when it comes to checking on the little ones. A valuable heat source would be a Brooder Lamp with a Red Heat Light Bulb, both of which can be found in the farm aisle at Agway in Orleans, Dennis & Chatham–and online!
But owning chickens isn’t all about work, it’s fun!  Here are some fun facts about chickens:

Visit our dedicated product categories on our website for more ways to create the perfect home for your new feathered friends:

Still have questions? We’re here to help!  Contact us at chicks@agwaycapecod.com with inquiries or special requests. You’re also welcome to visit our chicks (and fall in love) while they’re here!