Lawn & Garden Supplies

From soil and seed, to fertilizers and fences, Agway is your one stop shop for creating the property of your dreams. We carry the most reputable national brands, as well as locally made products that are custom manufactured for Cape Cod’s unique environment. Our team is knowledgeable and we always stand behind our products.

Grass Seed & Soil

A lush lawn is attainable with the right ingredients and we’ve got them! Green grass starts with high-quality soil and the correct seed for your environment. We carry Colonial Seed, Harmony and Natural Perfection seed mixes that are specifically formulated to adapt to and thrive in the sandy soil of Cape Cod. We also carry brands that require no fertilizing or watering, offering maintenance free, planet-friendly growing. Need a hearty seed to stand-up to a high traffic area or dense shade? We’ve got that, too, along with a complete line of nutrient-packed garden and top soils. Our large selection of traditional and organic seeds and soils, coupled with the expertise from our staff, will have you well on your way to a successful landscape.


A well-fed lawn is a healthy lawn. We carry traditional and organic fertilizers from the country’s leading manufacturers, including Agway, Scotts and Espoma. Knowing when and how much to feed to your lawn has become easier with products specifically formulated for spring, winter and fall. Or take the guesswork out completely with Agway’s simple 4-Stage fertilizer program.

Weed & Insect Control

You’ve worked hard to create a beautiful landscape, don’t let pesky weeds and insects ruin it. Crabgrass, dandelions, fungicide, and other pesky intruders are the bane of every gardener, but are easily managed with the right product. Whether you prefer a traditional solution or an organic one, we have a large selection of fast-acting treatments.


We offer mulch in a variety of colors to suit any aesthetic. Mulch adds beauty, color and texture to your garden. It keeps soil from washing away and helps retain moisture. Mulch suppresses weeds and insulates soil and plants from temperature extremes. Just choose from our samples and let our warehouse team load your bags right into your car.

Seed Starting Supplies & Indoor Growing

For those who want to get a head start on the garden during the winter, we have all of the supplies for the indoor hobbyist. Start nurturing seedlings with seeds, planting trays, a variety of planting mixes, growing lights and fertilizers. Or choose one of our complete, DIY starter kits.

Hydroponics, the process of growing plants indoors without soil, is another great way to grow indoors during the long New England winter. If you want a ready-to-go kit complete with all of the tools needed, we offer the Root Farm Hydroponic Garden System, paired with the Root Farm Seed Starting Kit. For the DIY-ers, we offer a large supply of equipment, lights, mediums, nutrients, bases and filters from the highly acclaimed Roots Organics line and the Fox Farm line.


We carry a variety of hardscape materials to add to your landscape design. Our selection includes stone pavers, timbers, fencing, stakes, trellises, arbors and more.

Tools & Accessories

A good job starts with the right tool and we’ve got them all. From gloves and spades to wheelbarrows and spreaders, we have a huge selection of products from the most reputable manufacturers, including Agway, Corona and Felco.

Lawn & Garden Tips

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