Poinsettia Care 101

Holiday Poinsettas
There’s no house plant more synonymous with the Christmas season than the poinsettia. Their stunning foliage ranges from traditional red and white to pink, salmon, green, burgundy and even beautiful, marbled varieties. Much like your live tree, they need proper care to keep them thriving throughout the holiday season.  Here are some simple tips for keeping your poinsettia in tip top shape:

  • Even though we associate poinsettias with Christmas, they’re actually a tropical plant and prefer lots of sun. They’ll do best near a sunny window where they can get six hours of indirect light daily.
  • Check the soil regularly and when it feels dry to the touch, it needs water. If you haven’t removed the foil that wraps the pot, punch holes in it to allow proper drainage. You don’t want your roots drowning, which can lead to rot.
  • Temperature is also important. They do best in 60-70 degree temps during the day and 55 degrees at night. Be sure to keep your poinsettia away from cold drafty spots or warm radiators.  Make sure the plant isn’t touching cold windows because this can result in dropped leaves.
  • Poinsettias love moist air. If leaves are falling off, the addition of a humidifier may be helpful. Adding other plants nearby can also help.

With some simple TLC, poinsettias will last up to 6-8 weeks in your home, adding a festive, live splash of color to your holiday decor!