Christmas Trees

The Christmas Tree is the focal point of your holiday ensemble and for 25 years we’ve prided ourselves on carrying the highest quality, most beautiful trees.  Each November, our garden centers transform into a sea of green, with thousands of trees to choose from. We stock the most popular varieties, including Fraser Fir and Balsam Fir. Sizes range from petite tabletops to grand 12 footers, and everything in between.  

Potted spruceIn addition to cut trees, we carry live trees, which have grown in popularity due to the fact that they can be planted outside and enjoyed for years to come.  Just keep in mind that they require muscle to move them! They’re also a festive choice to adorn your front entrance when decorated with weatherproof ornaments.

For individuals and families that want a real tree, but don’t have the space for a full-sized tree, we offer tabletop trees. They’re also perfect for offices, classrooms and nursing homes.  All tabletop trees come with a plastic stand that is leak-proof and holds the tree steady.

Our knowledgeable team is always available to answer questions about tree varieties to help you select the perfect tree for you.  Once you’ve chosen, we’ll give the trunk a fresh cut, wrap it and secure it safely to your car. All you have to do is decorate it!

Read on for a description of the varieties we carry and tips for caring for your cut or live tree.

Fraser Fir

Considered the “Cadillac” of Christmas Trees, Fraser Firs are renowned for their bluish-green color and ability to hold heavy ornaments as they tend to have stronger thicker branches that turn slightly upward. They also have excellent needle retention, with thick blue-hued dark green coloring.  The undersides are lighter-bluish, and the tops are deep green, complimenting each other well. These are a little lower on the scent-factor.


Balsam Fir

Balsams tend to be the most popular cut Christmas tree for a variety of reasons. Its distinctive and long-lasting aroma can give your home a truly festive feeling. The double needle pattern gives them the extra full appeal, as well. With a fresh cut and consistent watering, needles will retain for weeks.


Cut Tree Care Tips

The most important factor in giving your tree a long life during the holiday season is to keep it watered.  When you pick out your tree, our staff will give it a fresh cut.  The freshly cut trunk will draw in water very quickly. Without it, the sap will seal over the base, hindering the tree’s ability to absorb water. at all So if you’re not placing your tree in the stand right away, be sure to put it in a bucket of warm water!

If you’re not ready to bring your tree inside right away,  store it in a cool, shady area outdoors, outside of direct sunlight.  If possible, give the tree a slow transition from freezing outdoor temperatures to warm inside ones.

Once indoors, use a tree stand large enough to safely hold the trunk and a lot of water. A 5″ trunk can take up to 1 gallon of water each day. Adding a tree preservative like Prolong or Tree Life will help your tree absorb water more efficiently, thus keeping it fresher longer. Check the water daily and never let your tree stand dry out – a dry tree is the main culprit for needle loss.

Live Tree Care Tips

  • Keep in mind that Living Trees are VERY heavy and bulky. A six-foot-tall balled and burlapped tree will weigh as much as 250 pounds.
  • The tree should be stored in an unheated, sheltered area such as a garage or porch, out of the wind and sun. Do not expose the tree to freezing temperatures at any time.
  • The tree will need adequate water. The root ball or soil should be kept slightly damp but not flooded. Wrap the root ball of a balled tree in plastic or place in a tub while it is in the house.

Occasionally, pests and insects can hibernate in trees. While they will quickly die of starvation once the tree is moved inside, nobody wants to invite pests to their holiday party!  The best way to avoid them is to give the tree a good shake before bringing it inside and to treat it with a pesticide. We recommend either:

Diatomaceous Earth An insecticidal powder that uses no synthetic chemicals and leaves no scent or odors. Simply dust your tree while it’s still outside and shake off excess before bringing it inside.

Neem Oil Spray Apply this OMRI Listed® spray to target insects at every growth stage. Use it before trimming your tree or as soon as you spot any pests.

  • Live trees may be decorated, but with care. If lights are used, they must not give off any heat.
  • Do not remove the tree directly from a warm house out into freezing temperatures. Instead, move to a sheltered area first for several days.
  • If the ground is unfrozen, the tree may be replanted. The spot to be dug should be mulched to prevent freezing. Plant as soon as possible.
  • Do not remove the burlap and strapping (unless it is plastic). This keeps the root ball solid and secure. In the instance of a plastic cover, cut the cord and roll down the plastic at least half way prior to planting. Tap the tree container of a potted tree and remove prior to planting. Do not attempt to remove soil from the root system. Earth removed from the original hole should be backfilled around the root ball. Mulch heavily over the top of the planted root ball to prevent it from freezing. Water only as needed: a flooded tree may not survive.
  • Stake the trees to prevent wind tipping or damage during the first growing season.

Artificial Trees

Artificial trees have seen a surge in popularity over the past few years and with good reason.  They’re convenient in that there are no messy needles to sweep or watering to worry about. They’re easier than ever to assemble. They can be more cost effective in the long run.  And most importantly, their appearance has improved dramatically. Gone are the days of faux trees looking like fake knock offs. They’re appearance is downright life-like.

At Agway, we now stock a large collection of beautiful artificial trees in various sizes and styles.  Select a plain tree to decorate yourself, one that’s pre-lit, or one that’s completely decorated and ready-to-go. Add to your decor with artificial wreaths, kissing balls, swags and other greenery. You’ll be surprised at how stunning faux fir can be – all that’s missing is the scent! 


At Agway you’ll find the best quality and biggest variety of sizes, styles, and mixes on Cape Cod. Our wreaths are hand-framed, double-sided, and full. You’ll find balsam and mixed greens, ranging from 8″ to 48″. Our wreaths are available plain, with bows, with bows, cones and shells and custom handcrafted by our talented team. Learn more about our selection of wreaths, greens and decorative accents


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