Agway of Cape Cod is committed to supporting the local agricultural community. Whether you have horses, chickens, rabbits, goats, cows, sheep, pigs or ducks, we have the supplies to keep even your most exotic animals happy and healthy.  


Equine welfare starts with the basics like good nutrition, proper bedding and fresh water. We carry premium horse feeds like Triple Crown, Nutrena, Agway and Blue Seal.  We also offer hay and shavings, minerals and salt blocks, stock tanks, cleaning supplies for stables, prop gates, door tracks, and brooms.


Raising backyard chickens is a fun, sustainable practice that is growing in popularity.  Whether you’re a farmer or a hobbyist, we’ve got the supplies to keep your flock in peak shape.  Good health starts with great nutrition and we carry the nation’s best quality feed, including Blue Seal, Nutrena and Manna Pro.  We also carry treats, shavings, brooders and coop materials.

For those looking to start a backyard flock, we carry a small supply of chicks each spring.  Our chicks come from an extremely reputable hatchery and are bred to be hearty, high egg-producing birds. As we would with any pet, we take great pride in making sure they go to a responsible owner who is educated in the care needed for a happy and healthy upbringing. 

To learn more about how to order chicks, visit our Dennis or Orleans stores or click here.