Farm Feed and More at Agway

Farm Feed at Agway
Whether you are just starting your farm or have had your stock for years, Agway has everything you need to maintain your horses,  goats, pigs, and more.

If you ate today, thank a farmer plack against hay and pitchforkTo maintain a healthy farm, we have three tips here at Agway.

  1. Make sure you always have fresh water out. Especially during these hot summer days, it’s crucial your farm is drinking nothing but clean water.
  2. Only feed your livestock fresh hay. A way to tell if the hay is fresh is the smell. A sweet smell is good but if your hay smells musty than there is probably mold somewhere within it.
  3. Make sure you secure the animals feed in a closed container so other pesky animals can’t get into it like mice or racoons.

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We always carry and recommend Nutrena Feed. With several different diet lifestyles including Safe Choice, Triumph, and Stock & Stable for your horses needs. If your looking for your goat, pigs, llamas & alpacas, sheep, or cattle, Agway of Cape Cod has Nutrena feed for them as well.

Don’t forget to grab  boreal and our First Cut Timothy Hay straight from Canada and New York. Need supplies for it, we have pitchforks, wheelbarrows, and buckets to help you keep your farms feed and other necessities organized and safe. Ask any Agway employee for assistance when shopping for any farm needs and we will be there to help!