Keep your pet calm & safe during the holiday!

Tips from Your Petcentric Friends at Agway to help keep your

pets safe and calm over 4th of July weekend

  • Do not take your dog to fireworks shows. More pets go missing during July 4th weekend than any other time of the year. Even if you think they aren’t bothered, the combination of sounds, lights and the crowd could induce a panic attack and cause it to flee.
  • Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with identification tags. Our Dennis location can engrave ID tags for you on-the-spot. If your pet has a microchip (if not please get them chipped), be sure the information is current. If your pet runs away, its would-be rescuers will need a way to contact you.
  • Extra exercise!  This helps expunge extra nervous energy so they’re even more relaxed and calm later that evening if and when fireworks begin.  Take extra care not to overheat your dogs in high temp weather. Even some extra indoor play with their favorite toys can go a long way!
  • Chat with our knowledgeable staff about the uses and applications of full spectrum CBD oil tinctures and infused treats. We carry a wide variety of high quality brands.
  • Before the holiday season begins, go through some training exercises to condition them to be comfortable with high reward treats while playing sounds of loud fireworks displays. Praise and reward them for non-cowering behavior during the loud sounds. Don’t wait until the day of fireworks to start this conditioning!
  • Provide calming toys and chews. The act of licking is an innate calming behavior in dogs. Dogs are also naturally calmed by icy/cool treats. Fill a Kong toy (link) with peanut butter or pet-safe filling and freeze it. Other options are frozen marrow bones (always monitor your pet when chewing or consuming bones or chews), Pooch Pops, or even soak a durable stuffed toy in bone broth and freeze it.
  • Diffuse calming essential oils such as LavenderAdaptiv, or Serenity. Be sure to always use a high-grade 100% pure brand such as doTERRA. You can also apply a few drops to a favorite toy or blanket.
  • Use a calming collar that uses pheromone technology and calming essential oils to help modify stress-related behavior
  • Invest in a compression shirt.  This generates pressure on specific points in your dog’s body that are well-known to help calm stress and soothe anxiety.
  • Stock up on calming treats. Some staff favorites are
  • Keep your pet isolated in a single room. Provide access to a crate, cover it with a dark sheet or blanket to mimic a safe den environment.
  • Play calming music, even better on top of some white noise such as a fan. Soft jazz and classical piano are very soothing.

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