Holiday Weekend Safety for your Pet


Summer is a time to gather with friends and family and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.  Long weekends are perfect for cookouts, fireworks and parties. When bringing your four legged friend to any summer festivities we recommended following our top 5 pet prep tips to avoid any possible emergencies. 

BBQ safety: Keep your pet away from the grill to avoid them ingesting any harmful undercooked food, bones or lighter fluid. Your pet may be tempted to jump up on the grill and potentially burn their paw pads or snout. 

Identification protection: Checking that your pet has a secure collar and up to date identification on their tag may prevent them from getting lost. If your pet is microchipped, check to make sure your address is registered and correct. Did you know we print tags in our Dennis location?  We’ll do it while you shop!

Heat safety: Never leave your dog alone in the car, even for a few minutes. Your car can heat up very quickly and become life threatening to your pet. Learn more about this on the Animal Rescue League’s website here. If you and your pet are on a long walk it is important to stop for water and shade to prevent heat stroke.

Water safety: Even if your dog is an experienced swimmer it is always important to supervise any off leash water play. Discourage your pet from drinking any pool or ocean water as the chemicals and saltwater can be harmful.

Fireworks: It is natural for a dog to be frightened by loud noises. It is important to keep your pet inside during fireworks as a natural response for your pet is to run and hide. This will not only keep them safe but also prevent them from getting lost. Check that fence gates are locked just in case your dog tries to bolt if they get frightened by a loud noise. Trying products like VetriScience ComposureHomeoPet Anxiety Relief or other natural remedies and treats available at Agway that can help keep your pet calm during the fireworks.