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Agway of Cape Cod is a third generation, family run business with locations in Dennis, Chatham and Orleans. We are your local source for Lawn, Garden & Pet Supplies.
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Exploring Nature’s Playground – Insects and Mantids

Exploring Nature’s Playground – Insects and Mantids

By Agway's Own, David Christopher The Species in our Ecosystem The world we live in offers many wondrous opportunities and surprises! Although the exact number will never be known, scientists estimate that there are 11 million types of living species on the...

The Art of Grafting Plants

The Art of Grafting Plants

by Agway's own, David Christopher Grafting is a quick and reliable means of reproducing plants by using a technique that joins two plants into one. It is often done with trees and shrubs to combine the best characteristics of two plants.  In general, a wound is...

Welcoming Roses to Cape Cod

Welcoming Roses to Cape Cod

A Brief History of Roses With Agway's own, David Christopher Roses have been around for 35 million years and have been cultivated for the past 5,000. There are about 350 different rose species in the world and 150 species in the U.S. alone. A staggering 30,000 rose...

Do Plants Have Senses?

Do Plants Have Senses?

Exploring Our Senses With Agway's own, David Christopher Our nervous system receives and processes information about the world around us every moment. Much of this information comes through our sensory organs: the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin.  Our sensory...

Hummingbirds Are Back in Cape Cod

Hummingbirds Are Back in Cape Cod

Welcoming Back the Hummers! By Agway's own, David Christopher. As the early months of cold and windy nights give way to warmer days of sunshine, a multitude of plants break dormancy and flowering trees and shrubs begin to wake. The changing season signals the...

Exploring the World of Insects

Exploring the World of Insects

They consist of over 1.5 million identified species. They're in virtually every conceivable habitat. They feed on an endless array of foods. They play an important role in primary and secondary decomposition. They’re observed and studied by naturalists worldwide. And...

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