Air Plant Care

The latest trend in houseplants is swinging into Agway. Air plants, also known as Tillandsias, are tiny, low maintenance indoor plants that still pack a punch for their distinctive look and ability to be displayed in a variety of ways.

They are fun and easy to grow, because they only require air and water to thrive, with absolutely no soil. (That will actually harm the plant.)

Water: Water once or twice per week on shower mode; apply more regularly from late spring to mid-autumn, and once a week through the winter.  Be sure to turn them upside down after watering to remove all of the water left in the crevasses.

Fertilize: These tiny plants don’t need much, but a weak monthly application can be beneficial in spring and summer, using a low-nitrogen liquid fertilizer mixed at one-quarter its strength.  

Other care reminders:
• Avoid placing air plants in direct sunlight.
• Again, no soil! Place directly on glass or other material.
• Water based on weather, so less when cold, more when hot.
• Avoid growing in places colder than 35 degrees.

As their name implies, air is key! So constant air circulation is important. Though these plants can be outside in warmer climates, we caution only doing this when the night temperatures don’t drop too low.

Creative uses:
• Placed in vases, bowls, and terrariums
• Added inside ornaments or glass pendants
• Incorporated into unique mini gardens