April Gardening Tasks

April Gardening Tasks. Green grass in pile of dirt in gardenApril showers bring May flowers! That might not always be the case in New England, but be prepared anyways. April is an important month to start planting your seeds so you can watch them grow over the next few weeks. Here at  Agway, we’ve created a checklist of tasks you’ll want to complete throughout the month of April!

April Gardening Checklist

  • Practice Patience

Cape Cod weather is always unpredictable so the first thing you will want to learn while gardening is patience. Between knowing when the temperatures are just right for plants to thrive in to making sure the soil is well-balanced, gardening can be a tedious task. A little patience goes a long way!

  • Test your soil

Perfect gardens start with the right foundation – perfect soil. Test your soil to make sure it is both soft enough to start digging into and the pH balance is just right for whatever you plan on planting. Ask our knowledgeable Agway employees if you’re having a hard time with testing. Take a sample of soil to your local garden shop and ask for guidance in which plants are best suited for your garden.

  • Wake up the Roses

Your roses have been in a deep hibernation throughout the winter months and now is the time to start waking them up. Clear any foliage surrounding the crown of the rose as soon as you see leaves popping out. You will need to feed them monthly from now until September to ensure beautiful blooming. We recommend Espoma Rosetone, a bio-tone included, organic fertilizer.

  • Care for your plants

Continue getting down and dirty in your garden by pruning and preparing your trees and shrubs. Pruning is best done earlier in the season before your tree begins to blossom. Deadhead any spring bulbs, as well, but do not clip any green foliage!  Apply fertilizers to any trees and shrubs you may have in your garden.

  • Get planting

Now is the time for veggie planting! Plant root crops such as onions, potatoes, parsnips, carrots and many more. You can also start nurturing tomato seeds indoors in anticipation of planting outside next month. For flowers, get your Hydrangeas, Roses, Rhododendrons and Azaleas planted and each will pop up on their own timing over the summer months. All of these plants and more can be picked up at your local Agway of Cape Cod.
For many of us in New England, April brings the return of working outside and basking in spring sunshine!  Enjoy it!