Brighten Your Winter with Houseplants

The days are shorter and the temperature is colder, but this doesn’t mean your green thumb has to go into hibernation! Our expanded selection of houseplants includes a great variety of Succulents, Orchids, Flowering Cactus, Spider Plants,  Hanging Terrariums and more.

Houseplants sometimes need more care and attention than outdoor plants, so here are some tips and tricks to keep your houseplants clean and healthy while not taking over your home.

1. Watch out for pesky insects.

Avoid tiny insects taking control of your home by keeping your plants clean. With a plant sitting on your kitchen table or at walking level, it’s easy to drop or spill food or liquids  onto them. This ends up being an open invitation to pesky insects that will ruin your plant and invade your home.

2. Re-potting your plant will be necessary from time to time.

Since the plant is indoors and not growing in the ground, it will require a pot of some kind. If there are more roots than soil or the roots are poking out of the pot, then you will want to re-pot your houseplant as soon as possible. Typically, houseplants should be repotted every 12 to 18 months.

3. Know how much sunlight the plant needs.

Not all indoor plants need sunlight, some need direct sunlight and some need very little light. Make sure you double check where you are keeping your houseplants. Orchids and succulents are plants that need indirect sunlight and will thrive in an area such as behind a curtain. A spider plant needs direct sunlight so keeping that on a window sill or next to a glass door will do the trick.

4. Keep track of which plants need daily watering, weekly watering and no watering at all!

Just like sunlight, not all plants need the same amount of watering. Take note of how much water a day your houseplant needs. Sometimes your plant will need to be watered daily and sometimes it won’t need to be watered at all.

5. Deadhead and prune to keep a clean look in your home.

This keeps you plant healthy and continuing to thrive indoors, but it will also maintain a nice clean look as a centerpiece or decor.

After making your purchase to brighten up your home, keep in mind these tips and tricks to care for your houseplants..