Cape Cod Plant Doctor


Agway of Cape Cod is proud to partner with Cape Cod Plant Doctor.  This local service offers professional solutions to keep your yard and plants healthy. We realize that many of our consumer products are not the ideal solution for some customers. Sometimes customers have a larger issue than our products can resolve, or have time limitations that make it unrealistic to handle themselves. Cape Cod Plant Doctor can fill this demand. Healthy plants and safe yards your family and pets can enjoy is CCPD’s number one goal. They’ll provide custom solutions, based on over 13 years experience in plant health care and their understanding of the Cape’s unique environment.

Services offered:

We have a great relationship with Cape Cod Plant Doctor, and we’re confident in recommending their services to our customers.

Cape Cod Plant Doctor’s Commitment to customers:

  • Quality, Knowledgeable and Professional service
  • Organic Options for all programs
  • Respect of the environment
  • Competitive pricing
  • Prompt and thorough service

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