Fairy Gardens

By David, the Agway Fairy Gardening Expert….

Fairy Gardening History: 

Did you know that Fairy Gardening first began as bonsai dish gardens and gained its popularity in the US at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1891? The lore of tiny fairies, pixies and spirits has touched every culture in the world dating back many centuries. Thought to be lurking in our woodlands and possessing magical powers, fairies have always lived within our imaginations and in the beds of our gardens. Tiny and human-like in appearance, fairies are shy and only come around when settings and conditions are just right.

So what makes Fairy Gardening so special?

 I think it all goes back to our childhood when being a kid meant few responsibilities and play time involved creating our own fun with just our imaginations to work with. As adults we tend to put aside our child like imaginations and face the realities of the adult world. Life becomes more serious and we take on more responsibilities. We forget to use our imaginations!  

Fairy Gardening is a way to tune into your imagination and bring back the child in us. There are no rules to follow when creating a Fairy Garden. Fairy Gardens are miniaturized gardens that encourage children and adults alike to use their imaginations to bring a world of fairy legends, folklore and history to life. It has long been thought that if you provide fairies with a home and leave it in a quiet area of the house, woods or garden, they might thank you by bringing you good luck and happiness.

 A Fairy Garden can be as small as a tea cup or as large as any garden in nature. You can free style or choose themes such as the beach, back woods stream, elegant castle, tiny farm or country cottage. The secret to an enchanting and realistic fairy garden is to keep everything small so your fairies will find their new home inviting and comfortable. Tiny plants, houses, furniture, fences, birdbaths, bridges, stepping stones and many other accessories all provide the backdrop and coverage needed to bring these elusive, wee folk to your home or garden. 

Enjoy the adventure!