June Gardening Tasks

june gardening tasksWe are in full bloom now. All of your hard work is starting to pay off, but don’t put your green thumb to rest yet. There is a lot of upkeep to stay on top of with your plants. Even though flowers are blooming and veggies are growing, June has another set of tasks to check off your list over the next few weeks.

Watch for Diseases

Blossom end rot in your tomatoes, leaf spots on plants, and mold are all diseases you’ll want to avoid in your gardens. With the heat rising and insects coming out to play your plants are going to be more susceptible to being infected and dying. June is also the time when your Roses are bursting, so avoid black spot as much as possible and purchase Bayer Rose & Flower Care at Agway in Orleans, Dennis, & Chatham. *Tip: Avoid spreading diseases by disinfecting pruners and other gardening tools in between uses with cleaner of your choice.

Plant Care

Weeding and thinning of plants will help get rid of tangled messes in the flower beds. Plants like annuals tend to get tied up within one another so get down to their level and prun where needed. As the plants develop you want to avoid the fight for light. faded petals from peonies, irises, delphiniums and more perennials can be removed. Keep watering your garden and start harvesting your veggies. You don’t want to keep spaces from where spring crops were planted so immediately plant your summer crops such as broccoli, carrots, and peas!

Lawn Care

The care for your lawn is just as important during this season. Mowing regularly and leaving clippings for your garden will help return nutrients. Keep a steady 1/2-inch higher to protect tops of plants from the extreme summer heats. Apply pesticides and fertilizers to keep a rich, green backyard that matches your blossoming gardens.

Keep the Pests OUT!

Mosquitos, flys, bagworms, borers and more are going to want a piece of your garden or destroy it all together. Use products like Bonide Bug Killer   to apply to your plants and keep bugs away. You can also plant specific items in your garden that will naturally repel insects from your home and backyard. To learn more, read 8 Bug Repelling Plants.

As always, Agway has your gardening needs so don’t be shy, ask our experts any questions you may have.