Keeping Your Cat Happy

By Lauren Barbo, Certified Vet Tech and Agway of Cape Cod’s Pet Expert

Every September we celebrate and recognize our feline friends by dedicating a whole month to their happiness and wellbeing. Whether your cat lives indoors or outdoors there are many ways to create an environment that encourages cats to thrive. Here is a list of 5 ways to keep your cat healthy and happy…

1.Playing with Cats

  • Mental stimulation and enrichment can prevent behavioral issues, boredom and weight gain.
  • Stimulating your cat to run or chase toys such as a Kong Laser, feather streamers, Kong Kitten Mice, Kong Light Laser Teaser or Catnip.
  • Jumping and climbing areas. Cat furniture towers are a fun playground for your pet!
  • Scratching trees and scratching posts can prevent your pets desire to scratch your furniture and provide entertainment. It is also a natural way for them to care for their nails.

2. Making Them Work for Food

  • Food toys can help channel cats natural hunting instincts
  • Hiding food in different places
  • Slow release kibble toys can stimulate your pet to play while eating

3.Visting the Veterinarian

  • Healthy pets are happy pets!
  • Yearly wellness visits can prevent or detect any medical conditions that you may not even know are an issue.
  • Microchipping your pet can keep them safe if they become lost and found.
  • Purchasing a cat carrier that your cat properly fits in

4. Litter Box Use

  • Using the rule N+ 1 to forumlate how many litter boxes your house should have (1 cat = 2 litter boxes)
  • Keeping the litter boxes in a quiet area of the house
  • Cleaning out any messes and eliminations daily
  • Automatic cleaning litter boxes

5. Low Stress Environment and Pet Proofing Your House

  • Securing breakable items such as vases or glass on the counter
  • Putting medications back in a secure area
  • As much as we all love beautiful flowers it’s important to make sure any plants you bring into your house are non toxic to your pet! The MSPCA is a wonderful resource to learn more about which flowers or plants may cause systemic issues.
  • Using natural calming pheromones such as a Feliway Plug in may lower any stress or anxiety in your pet.