Shrub Love

If you think you need to rely on perennials and annuals for all of your gardening color, think again. Ornamental shrubs are a must if you’re seeking year-round color in your landscape, particularly in winter. Most are versatile enough to be planted in the ground or in containers, and many are self-pollinating. Here are a few shrubs we’re loving right now.

white ViburnumsViburnums
Between their snowy white flowers, bright berries, sweet fragrance and stunning fall foliage, there’s a LOT to love about these. They are unfussy and easy to grow. They’re also versatile enough for any landscape needs, including hedges, borders, attracting wildlife or for a stunning container display.





Smoke Bush
Brand new in our nursery this season! Smoke Bush has long been a gardener’s favorite for its rich maroon and purple colors and its long season of interest.  Their size, however, made them challenging for small spaces. Now, the ‘Velveteeny’ offers the same benefits and beauty of its big brother in a smaller package. It matures at a mere four feet.


This shrub packs a punch, boasting multiple colors and yearlong attraction. The beautiful, arching, bright green branches provide welcome winter interest. In spring, masses of brilliant, double yellow flowers open, resembling small rose blossoms. Bright green summer foliage evolves into attractive yellows come fall.  




This deciduous shrub features delicate white flowers with pink veins in the spring.  In the fall, they transition into brilliant shades of red, orange and yellow. The Enkianthus thrives in acidic soil and makes beautiful shrub borders or foundation plantings.  




The Bushel & Berry Collection
We all know that berries are nutritional powerhouses, packed with antioxidants. Now Bushel and Berry has made it easier than ever to grow them at home!  This unique collection of compact, ornamental and self-pollinating berry plants features nine varieties of raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. From the blueberry glaze to the pink icing to the raspberry shortcake, your smoothies are in for a big upgrade!  Bushel & Berry also offers terrific and easy-to-follow growing advice on their website.